Thursday, February 11, 2010

Watercolors and using your Acrylic Stamp Sheets

I bought a set of Artist's Loft watercolors (extremely cheap) and wanted to play around with layers. Turns out they're really nice! They're very vibrant but require a lot of water to release the pigment. I love them anyway:

This is a really old photo of me from high school- my best friends and I used to get together to take crazy pictures and this is one of them. I scratched the photo with a fine grit sandpaper and then stamped over it with the swirl design.

This page was made in response to the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas. The two brushstrokes are supposed to represent the World Trade Towers. I know you're supposed to keep the plastic sheets for your acrylic stamps but I take the sides with the designs on them and use them in my spreads =)


  1. I love your pages here especially the one with the towers - it is really moving. You have such a great style to your work!

  2. Aw, you're too sweet! Thank you!