Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vegetarian Spread

Acrylic background and stamped border, the letters on the fold-out sheet are rub-ons from JoAnns.

I was vegetarian for over 2 years and stopped because I planned on doing some charity work. It sounds weird, right? I was going to go to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, and in the Sioux culture it is extremely rude to turn down food when it's offered to you. I have been told stories by native friends about people getting chewed out for politely turning away coffee so I wasn't going to take any chances. Now a days most of my volunteer work is done from home: knitting hats, making blankets, the Christmas gift drive, etc.
I'm starting to go back to being vegetarian and I've been trying out new brands and products and decided to make a list and scoring system for all the new stuff. A warning: Tom's Baking Soda toothpaste tastes god awful. It's icky.


  1. You are funny. I am from Pine Ridge, just say you are a vegetarian, it is for your health... they will totally understand. Half the res is diabetic or borderline diabetic. I admire you for your life choice, and everyone there will too.

  2. Lol thanks. I went up with my native friends and as soon as we got there they turned to me and were like, "Don't you dare say no, just take whatever the offer you and finish it!" Which was fine, the food was great. The people are very nice there and it's beautiful country. The 16 hour ride up wasn't so fabulous but I'd like to go back again.

  3. I have never heard of that being a huge issue before, but I'm sure it happens.
    I never thanked you for the package of goodies - WOW! SOOOO many ideas, so many things, it is wonderful! I thank you again!
    Good luck on your road back to being a vegetarian. I am now taking the vegan road and very excited about it! =)

  4. Oh I'm so glad it got to you! =) I'd love to see how you use the stuff. Good luck to transitioning to vegan- my adoration of cheese seems to keep me at vegetarian lol