Monday, April 19, 2010

Day of the Dead Package II

After much delay I'm back (again)! I've been swamped with papers and exams and now I'm torn between what to masters program to apply to.

Here are the goodies I made for trampycouture's Mexican Kitsch Swap package:

I bought a pack of three bud vases from JoAnn's and a separate set of glass paints to make this sacred heart vase. The bottom of the vase is actually a vibrant green and purple but the red and blue colors in the photo are fairly accurate.

My partner asked me to make her a fabric sandwich wrap- I never made one before but after looking at some patterns I was able to come up with my own washable version. Most of them were PUL and could only be wiped clean but since this is cotton it can be tossed in the washer with hand towels.

I love how the necklace turned out, I actually made it at the last minute because I couldn't think of what else to make. The metal frame and glass pieces are from the Ranger collection and the background text in this photo is from the Crafty Chica collage pack. The mini Frida is actually from a collection of stickers I have that feature her artwork. The wings were pulled off of some 3-d insect stickers I had.

This side of the pendant is all from the Crafty Chica collage pack- viva Frida!

Finally, I sent along a yard of this fabulous Day of the Dead fabric for her to use- I always snatch up a yard or two when I see it because it's never there when I need it!

- x Aly B

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mexican Kitsch Swap Rd. 2 Goodies

I received my package from trampycouture for the Mexican Kitsch Swap and I am in shock! You can visit her blog here:

She made me a travel blanket with a giant sugar skull embroidered on it, two embroidered towels, an embroidered Virgin de Guadalupe piece, and even the note was on a Dia de los Muertos postcard. Although we only needed to send a large,medium and small, she sent an extra towel.

Her stitches are immaculate. They are neat, tiny, and delicate. It looks like she only used one strand of floss and she used a back stitch, stem stitch and satin stitch on this piece. I travel on the train a lot so this is one of the best things she could have possibly make me.

I believe this pattern is from the Sublime Stitching Dia de los Muertos pack- I love the colors! I haven't found a place for her yet so she's hanging out on the book shelf for now.

These may be from the Sublime Stitching kit too, but I'm not as positive. My future kitchen will be Day of the Dead themed so these are perfect!

I am spray painting frames this weekend and I plan to mat this =)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My "Studio"

All the cool kids are doing it so I figured I'd show you what my work space looks like. I normally work on the dining room table in a state of chaos but I'm trying to move back up into my bed room. It's a lot more personal and my sister can't yell at me for the mess. This is the cleanest it's been in months.
The "studio" side of my room in it's messy-cleanish glory. You can see the floor, thus it is clean.

The Crow protects my button collection

The crochet zombie and cross stitch are from one of the Zombie swaps on craftster and the house is from the Tiny House swap and actually lights up.

My Edgar Allen Poe action figure collection

I have a BIG thing for sacred hearts.

Paper, sewing stuff, books and magazines. The tree piece is actually a wood burning from the Book Lovers swap, my sister and I collaborated on the tree painting on the right.

This is my craft desk as of right now, I just finished up my stuff for the Mexican Kitsch Swap on craftster.

These are my "go to" books, they're right above the desk since I reference them the most. I also have my first 4 art journals, each numbered and labeled with the season and year. The butterfly is a vintage handmade patch from when my dad was a hippie.

My book shelf that illustrates my obsession, I've run out of room and have to stack books horizontally on top of vertical ones lol. On top I have the deer representing Lily from a Harry Potter swap, my crow, little Gandhi, and an incomplete canvas my sister made with a sequined gas mask

One day when I'm brave enough I'll show you my "natural habitat" in the dining room- you'll feel so much better about your housekeeping abilities once you see it.