Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to school

Yep it snowed 2 feet and I am stranded with a computer that is too old to upload videos to youtube. I miss wireless access. Anyway, this is a more cheery spread celebrating my last day of freedom before returning to college for the spring semester. The photo is from Christina Aguilera's latest CD pamphlet- I'm starting to use a lot of scraps I've been hoarding so I can start making more room for new stuff. I've also gotten sucked into having stuff stick off the page- there really isn't any reason for it other than it looks cool when you close it =) I think it also helps me break away from my OCD nature.

I'm in love with alphabet stickers right now, like the numbers above. I just can't get enough of them- brownie points if they're glittery too!

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