Monday, February 1, 2010

Missing You!

I feel terrible about not updating more often (and even updating now without photos- I forgot to bring my camera!). But I do have exciting news- I figured out how to use my big sony camera *and* I got a flexible tripod so I can start making more videos! I am especially excited to do the art journal montages all the cool crafters are doing, which I fondly refer to as "craft porn." You know the videos- the fastforwarded clips of people creating an entire art journal page. I love seeing how everything comes together and the layers that build up.

I also plan to make some videos teaching the basics of Knifty Knitting, because the printed directions are difficult to interpret and it's sooo much easier to just watch someone (at least for me, anyway.)

Otherwise, I've been churning out postcards for ihanna's swap and taking on members for the craftster art journal page swap. I thought it was going to be harder- the only real problems I've run into are the system entered some people's swap start dates as 1969. No idea where that came from, but it's been remedied.

Photos to come very soon! I promise!

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