Wednesday, March 9, 2011

iHanna's Postcard Swap

Has it really been a month?! Grad school, a new job, and a new man have been distracting me.

iHanna has opened up her inbox for submissions to enter the 2011 International Postcard Swap! I already sent in my message; last year I did a series of red and gold cards featuring birds but I'm not sure what direction I'll go in this year. I've been using a lot of spray inks recently, perhaps I'll go in the stencil direction with that...

I'm currently taking a class called "The Theory of Creativity" and every week we need to try something creative and new. I recently chose to experiment with free-form embroidery, which is likely doodling without thread since you do not really preplan what you are doing and you don't use a pattern.

My kitties:

A blossoming heart for my new relationship:

Yep, more hearts. I'm very happy with my life right now.

Detail shot of the heart flower.

By the time I realized the petals were wandering away from the flower I just decided to go with it. It reminds me of falling petals and spirals.