Sunday, December 20, 2009

The videos are finally here!

So I have finally mastered the confusing world of videos and youtube, on top of that I dug out 2 and a half cars out of over a foot and a half of snow. I have been quite productive today, I believe! The video is in two parts because youtube hates videos over 10 minutes long and mine was 11. Anyway, here's the goods I've been promising for ages now. I am so excited- please give me some ideas for more videos =)

Part #1:

Part #2:

Please ignore how often I smack/tap/fondle the pages- I just love my journals that much! =P


  1. Your personal journals are full of inspiration and unique ideas. I rarely write truly negative stuff in my art journals, but it does make sense to use art to explore the good and the bad. It's less confronting to write the words, yet keep them a bit secret, a bit sheltered. Thank you.

  2. Thank you =) You gain a sense of security when you can hide your words but know you can revisit them later. I hope the techniques prove to be helpful when you need them