Thursday, December 10, 2009

Learning to deal with it

In the past I've struggled with judging my journal pages but I've grown to understand how silly it is. Yes, I share my pages with people and post them online for the world to see but that isn't my motivation. I journal to record my life and decompress and those should be my main goals.

Above there are two spreads. I love the top pink one: I doodled in watercolor crayons (with no water added) and then covered the spread with hot pink tissue paper. It's simple but I love the texture and color.

The second blue spread I struggled with. I had journaled on it before doing anything to the page and went back later to decorate the page. The background is a failed attempt of a salt-watercolor resist. The more I added the more I hated it; but it tells a story about the funny things the kids at my daycare say to me. A part of me wants to rip it out and redo the whole thing but I now realize that it is just a journal page. I learned that my page was too wet to take the salt resist and that is a reason worth keeping it in there. Journals are records and experiments for ourselves and we should be our first priorities.

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