Sunday, December 6, 2009

On a roll... a blog roll that is

I'm in a cheesy mood today I suppose =)

As the fall semester is ending I find myself spending a lot more time online when I should really be studying for exams and finishing up term papers. I realize posting a single journal spread at a time can get really boring (but it's the only craft I've been doing except knitting hats on my knifty knitter, and really- how many hats of the same pattern can you look at?)

So here are some absolutely delicious craft blogs that I waste away the hours plotting my next projects:

(In not particular order)

Hanna's blog is extremely eclectic and is very user friendly, you can navigate it by subject and/or date.

Kelly's art journal blog posts every day and always has tons of great links to explore. She gets me in trouble a lot at school when I should be writing!

If you've been living under a rock or swamped with work you may not know Teesha has posted a ton of video tutorials on her journaling style recently.

For stunning photographs sure to make you jealous and inspired:

Kathy is such a hero of mine- her glitter fabulosity is awe-inspiring. She does just about every craft you can think of! She has posted many of her projects from her craft books (which are amazing) and has tons of tutorials:

Tammy runs yet another crazy eclectic blog full of inspiration:

Andrea Zuill's sewing blog posts one free embroidery pattern a month and is constantly updating all of the different projects she has going on:

LollyChops is also very eclectic ranging from recipes to craft tutorials and free patterns and designs, I love her stuff!

I think that should keep you guys busy for a while! Back to cleaning this messy house!

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