Monday, December 14, 2009

More experiments

Here are the remaining pages in my experiment book so far- I've been slacking in this department.

This page was "painted" with rubbing alcohol and then watercolor was applied to the page with a brush, both strokes and drips.

More watercolor with alcohol applied with a brush. This technique is tricky because the paper can't be too wet or too dry.
Once I was frustrated enough with simply making dots and swirls in alcohol I wondered if you could use it as an ink or a stamp. And it turns out it works once in a million-gillion times (or some scientific number like that.) It worked on the first try with a simple paw print stamp (circled) but it didn't like the fine detailed script stamp below in the gray-blue. It hasn't worked for me since either. =)

These two different pages were my attempts at perfecting the stamping with rubbing alcohol technique to no avail. It didn't work well with either pouring alcohol onto a napkin and using it as a stamp pad (left) and or when I tried making a stamp pad by soaking a foam brush and using it as a stamp pad (right).

I was pleasantly surprised with this technique- I brushed matte gel medium onto the page and then stamped a sheet of bubble wrap into it for the top portion. The bottom part was a happy accident, I didn't want to waste the gel so I stamped it on the page. It dried and then I painted over it- how cool! I want to use this again with different layers of paint.

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