Monday, December 7, 2009

My "A Prompt a Day Journal"

As I've mentioned, I've been taking Kelly Kilmer's "A Prompt a Day Class" and I finally got to sit down and work on some pages last night. School's been keeping me busy and I spent Saturday making my journal.

I decided this entire experience was going to be a series of experiments and playing around with stuff without worrying about the outcome. I've never made or worked in a brown paper bag book so I went for it.

How I did it:

1) I took brown paper lunch bags and folded them in half.

2) I took black/white/neutral colored paper I wasn't planning on using for anything else and adhered the pieces to each page with regular gel medium. I am interested to see how the different background techniques affect the papers.

3) The thing that took the longest was punching the holes. I made a guide out of an extra bag so all my holes would line up, but between the 8 layers of paper of each "signature" of 1 bag and the gel medium, it took a lot of energy and cursing to punch out the holes, one-by-one.

4) I'll eventually get some 1" binder rings to connect the pages and I'll tie some ribbon and extra goodies to the rings for extra decoration.

I chose the lunch bag size because I want to challenge myself to work within a smaller area and concentrate on the details. I am really feeling it so far.

Onto the photos!

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