Friday, August 20, 2010

Results of my break from the crafting world

A little while ago I took a mini vacation from the craftsphere for a week to avoid outside influence and comparing my work to others'. No craft blogs, craftster, or craft books/magazines for a week! It was (mostly) successful- I just couldn't give up my weekly devotion to Samantha Kira's vlog! But I crafted while I watched it so that made it ok in my eyes.
I instead ventured out into the world seeking inspiration, which of course led me to book stores... Can I just gush about Borders for 5 seconds? They are so freakin' amazing with the stationary section! (Let's not get into the fact they have coupons unlike other book stores *cough* BarnesandNoble) I found an awesome pack of stickers featuring large headed girls with wide, tiny eyes and I had to get them. This doodle is inspired by them but I like my girl more because she has glasses and a grin.

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