Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My first hand bound journal

My first hand bound journal! I have the terrible habit of hoarding craft books and then never actually making the projects. So I decided to stop being intimidated about binding my first book and I just jumped in. The book is Re-bound by Jeannine Stein; all of the projects incorporate repurposed materials so it's eco friendly.

The book I chose to make is an accordion fold with signatures sewn into the valleys with a pamphlet stitch. The "green" part of the project is the use of old game boards for covers but I chose to cover mine with pretty paper instead. I also used my favorite mixed media paper by Canson from an old journal I didn't finish for my pages instead of drawing paper. I also used cotton cord meant for kids crafts to bind my pages and it works great. (It's also really pretty!)

One of the coolest things about this journal is the additional jewelry box adhered to the inside to hold your paints and pens when you're traveling. This puppy is reserved for my trip to Tennessee this fall.

Behold the slew of photos:

Pages pulled right

Pages pulled left


Angled pocket

Slash pockets to hold goodies


  1. I love those slant pockets...

  2. It's really easy, you just use an exacto to make the cuts into the pocket paper and then use double sided tape on the back to block off the different pockets.