Monday, August 30, 2010


Hampden is a magical place in Maryland that is made up of kitsch and glitter, and it is also the home of Hon Fest. Google it, seriously. It's amazing. It has an alternative, art district feel and has a ton of amazing shops you won't find anywhere else. Anyway, the girls and I went Saturday to see what we could find and I made out like a bandit.

It should be known that I am addicted to Mexican folk art and anything Day of the Dead or Virgin de Guadalupe related. When I found this Loteria set I knew it was destined for my stash. The hand and heart are almost Victorian looking but it will go with my scared heart collection. The postcards are from the early 1900's and feature different places in Baltimore. The more I think of leaving for Tennessee the more I want to collect from my home town. I plan to make photo copies to use in my journals and I will frame the originals.

Milagros are small metal charms thought to bring you good fortune and are often offered to saints. I chose a praying Virgin Mary and a scorpion since I'm a scorpio.

I love the tarnished finish on this piece.

Super yummy recycled silk yarn that will soon become my autumn scarf.

A magnetic double sided bracelet that is called the "Sweet Jesus!" bracelet. My sister got a matching one. I love this so much!
It's amazing the adventures you can have just a skip from your house! Go out and explore!

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