Saturday, August 14, 2010

First pages of my summer '10 journal

I finally got to take some photos of my summer art journal using my Mcgyver-ed light box since the lighting sucks by the time I get home/it occurs to me to take photos.

All of my journals start with a contact page on the inside cover should I, craft gods forbid, I ever lose one. (I haven't yet!) The book Art Journal Junkies gave me the idea to use plastic canvas as a stencil to create texture. The girl is wearing a button that says "I am a wizard" because it's a clipping from an article about Wizard-rock. I am an all encompassing dork- it doesn't stop at the crafting and bibliophilia.

This summer's journal is a deviation from my normal journaling because it's not just collaged and written pages, but includes more notes and "just art" pages.

Some distant relatives from the infamous photograph-suitcase

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