Thursday, August 26, 2010

Journal Girl Swap

Sorry I've been gone all week! I've been babysitting a very hyper 7 year old over night since Monday. Now that it's over I feel like I don't know what to do with myself! So much free time!

Exciting cool stuff:

1. Samantha Kira from Journal Girl is hosting an international mini art swap. The idea is to spread the love around the craft community. When you sign up your information will be given to your partner, but you will not know who they are until the package arrives. Each package will include a flat piece of artwork about 6"x6" (about 15.2cm). You can choose to make something larger/bulkier but there isn't an option to send within your country only so that will cost more. Additionally, you'll also send your partner an encouraging, warm, fuzzy letter.

I've already signed up and I'm so excited! I don't know how I managed to go all summer without a single swap! So far 83 people have joined and Sam is still taking applications. I can't wait to get my partner's information.

2. You know how you can be in a rut for a while when all of a sudden you make a page you really, really like? Yay!

3. I quit my evil job! Yaaay!

4. I'm going to take a trip in October to see Dave and the kids! Aaand there is a zombie walk, craft show, and SCA event all that week. It's going to be EPIC! Muhahaha!

It has been such an awesome week!

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