Friday, June 25, 2010

Sister Lister 2010

My sister and I are really close (yet total opposites). This summer we decided to make a list of things we should do together and document through our journals. I have dubbed it "The Sister Lister." We plan to check off two more items off of our list tomorrow: shopping at Towson Mall (it's huge- like 4 levels and hundreds of stores) and getting steamed crabs!

First I doodled in watercolor with my water pen, then collaged a bit and washed over it with slightly watered down acrylic. The birds were made with a stencil and gesso. The title letters were stamped on and then done over with the yellow Sakura glaze pen. My tag was too shiny for my camera =( but it says "To Do" in neon green.


  1. I love the gesso birds! Sisters are totally the best :) The Sister Lister is a perfect idea!

  2. Thanks! Sorry I didn't send out your package last weekend, it's going out today!