Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inspiration, muses, and glitter wands

I work in my art journals according to the "seasons" (not the specific date the season starts but by the month ex. Summer = June, July, August or winter = December, January, February.)

No matter what size or type of book I use I never seem to have a problem timing it just right; I rarely have pages left over by the end. This is the last spread of my Winter '09-'10 journal. I used metallic flecked tissue paper over acrylic paints to create a snowy look. The bluebird in the right corner seems to be popping up more and more often in my journaling- I think he's a combination between a symbol for my muse and my late mother. I like how he's peering over the girl's shoulder as if whispering what to draw and write in her book.

My mother passed away on Halloween 2008 from emphysema. She was obsessed with fairies (especially Tinkerbell) and the color blue. One year for Easter my mom bought an egg decorating kit with gems, feathers, paper, the works and she made her egg into the "bluebird of happiness." Now when I see bluebirds zip by in their bright blurs it reminds me of that Easter and fairies, which remind me of mom. She got my sister and me started in crafts at a young age and it has stuck with us. My mother and I made our own YaYa Sisterhood hats (I'm wearing mine in the photo below from her 50th surprise party) and she made the wand she's holding. Even though she's passed on she is my muse: now that I'm not pressured with grades I feel like I can focus on beginning an altered book dedicated to her, along with a pink high top shrine inspired by the Crafty Chica and an art journal workshop dedicated to coping with the grieving process. I love my mom

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  1. Simply beautiful...thanks for sharing this!