Monday, June 14, 2010

Post #1

Sorry about not posting yesterday! I thought I would be able to post sometime before or after the party but I spent all of the morning cleaning and the last guests didn't leave till 1am. So... two posts today!

This was one of my first experiments of mixing gloss gel medium by Golden with my cheap-o acrylics (Folkart/Americana/etc.). I liked how the paint became glossier (glaze like). It was a lot of fun to layer but after sitting in a hot humid room, closed on the shelf, the pages have since stuck together. This photo is prior to the damage:

I started with a base of green acrylic paint that was scraped onto the page with an old gift card. Next I collaged some scraps on, including a vintage photo of some distant relative. I mixed 2:1 gloss gel medium and acrylic violet paint and scraped that on with the card. I repeated with the gray and then collaged more scraps on top. Finally, I used a palate knife to smear 2:1 of gloss gel medium and brown acrylic onto the top papers. I tried a number of pens (check fraud prevention, various ball points, etc.) and I found only sharpie and Sakura medium point gelly rollers work. Here I used the Sakura and I gave it time to dry overnight.

I haven't figured out how to prevent the pages from sticking yet but I know Samantha Kira (Journal Girl) has a video about it so I'm going to review it tomorrow. Here's the link! (It's the second video listed). I'm wondering if it making it a 1:1 ratio would make it less prone to sticking. I'll be playing around with it in the future.

2 more days till the giveaway!

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