Sunday, November 8, 2009

Undead Prom Queens, Slutty School Girls, and more!

I've been a bad blogger, I know. This past week was all around the week from hell- over time at work and multiple assignments due each day at school. The very delayed photos from the Visionary Art Museum:

The other side of the museum

This year's exhibit was based on the individual's pursuit of happiness.

I have fallen in love with the museum logo

It seemed like I had more but I guess that's it... Moving on: Halloween was spent at Krystal's for a Halloween/birthday party for yours truly. I was a zombie prom queen, of course!

My sister is the terrified slutty school girl but I think I make a pretty convincing undead person. The fake blood in the tube was pretty neat- I put too much on and it was getting in my eye; sadly, once it dried it peeled off very easily from talking/eating/smiling/existing. I used white grease paint for my face and light blue eyeshadow on my lips to make me more undead. And in case you were wondering, fake blood does not taste good.
I've got pages drying right now in both my normal altered journal and my new "experiment" journal. Soon there will be new photos, I promise.

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