Friday, September 18, 2009

Side Note

Inspiration photo later today, but a few words:

If you haven't discovered the love that is you must go there for all of your craft (and dare I imply you do something other than craft, your other) books. No need to worry, they aren't paying me to say this; my uncle mentioned a few years ago and then a professor recently mentioned it.

The other day I was in Michael's and picked up Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner and it was put on a spot marked $7.99, I went and bought my stuff and realized there was no way I just blew $60 for some stamps, a glue stick and this book. Turns out the book is $30, so I had to go right back and return it.

But I just looked it up on and it's only $12.00. The nice thing is, you can get your awesome books for cheap and if you buy a used book (it's super cheap) and you're preventing it from getting thrown in the trash. So we won't call it self indulgence when I get 15 books from my wish list off here, it is an environmentally conscious decision to live a greener life. =)

I am such a bibliophile.

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