Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Further Delays

I was preparing to sew the purse for the tutorial when I discovered not only had my cat, Gizmo, covered the cut fabric in fur and wrinkled it, but he unpinned it.

I swear to you, I could not make this up; he pulled out at least a dozen pins from all of the different pieces. It's common for him to steal pins from my magnetic pin cushion and carry them around in his mouth and then leave them in the water bowl, but he has never done this before. I lit his butt up with an air gun (the kind you get at toy stores, it just blows a puff of air with a loud popping noise). So now I've got to go de-fur and re-iron and re-pin it all before I can get this tut under way. I planned to make it for someone but she's coming to visit this weekend so it looks like fate has further pushed back the tutorial (with pics). I will post written instructions tomorrow and then the photos will be posted once said friend goes home. (Who is probably reading this right now, so you have to wait to see what it looks like Chrissy!)

Because you are photo deprieved, here are some more pages from this summer:

This is my journal self, I don't know why I look like a Simpson with the yellow skin- I guess I just like the whimsical color combination of these pages. This has become my standard "journal self, " which was dreamed up on the top page I love her so much I just keep using her. The bottom page needs to be built on but nothing has spoken to me yet.

Do you have a reoccurring image in your art?

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