Monday, September 7, 2009

New Beginnings

After a mild hiatus I am ready to get back into the blogging world. I got caught up in a side project that hasn't taken off yet, but this blog is all mine and I am eager to get started. Some of you might know me from craftster as weeping_cloud or my new name, rougeraven. My latest obsession is altered books and I think I am finally beginning to develop my own style.

I am just going to jump in with some journal shots:

A sty, though not flattering or painless, gave me inspiration for the eye flower that sparked this little fairy land.

My favorite part of the spread is the pet pray mantis. He's so cute!

The story behind this spread is about the image of the woman; she was actually a piece of pornography we found on the side of the road while looking for sweetgrass. She had been exposed to the elements, thus giving her a watercolor quality. I ripped off her exposed lower half and kept her face because it has been transformed into an actually pretty picture. Though I have got to admit I scrubbed my hands after pasting her in there.

The flap reveals a map of the park when opened.

My summer art journal was limited to watercolors and found images because of all the traveling I did; I think it was a nice exercise of constraint, now using acrylics is exciting again.

I promise to have a purse tutorial for you this weekend!

Sneak Peek:

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