Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photography Lessons and New Craft Space

Christmas morning

Sorry I haven't been posting! Our Internet has been down and then snow/federal holidays/life got in the way. But now things are back up and running! Grad school is breathing down my neck so I may only be posting once a week (I *really* want to make it a regular habit!)

Christmas afternoon

Over the winter holidays I've been playing with my camera more, trying to figure out which setting work with which environments. My ultimate goal is to create a 6ft x 4ft anatomical heart out of chicken wire and papermache to use in a series of photographs during the summer.

Recently I've been playing with self portraits, such as in the Christmas ball above. I learned that by redirecting the flash (by not placing the subject in the center of the photo) allows reflective surfaces to not become "whited out." (That is such a weird looking word- whited, huh.) Apparently you can also diffuse the flash by taping a piece of white tissue paper or vellum over it- I really want to try that out.

Here is a peek at my current craft space- I got rid of the old desk and replaced it with my sister's drafting table. She is switching her major from interior design to graphic design; she was sick of seeing my craft junk on the dining room table so she gave me the table so I could spread out, out of sight. It's so nice to have my own space where I can leave out my projects and come back to them when I feel like it. Now that everything is up there it's so much easier to get started.

My best friend, Chrissy gave me a Cricut for Christmas and my sister gave me an ihome, now I have no excuse to leave my room. Ever. So much playing, dreaming, and creating! Painting and journal pics to come!

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