Friday, January 21, 2011

Mail art and pages

I finally got off my butt and uploaded everything off of my cameras =)

The contact info. page in case I lose my journal- it should be noted this has not happened yet. *Knock on wood.*

It's one of those scented perfume ads (it smells pretty!) but mostly I fell in love with the Marie Antoinette vibe.

While working on said page I walked away for a minute and returned to sit down, only to be greeted by a high pitched squeak. This little bugger squeezed onto my chair when I wasn't looking.

Finally, a piece of mail art I made for my pen pal/former swap partner, Alison. I just took an image of a crow, traced it onto chipboard and made fold out wings from scrapbook paper and I wrote my letter on them.


  1. Ah! I love the idea of the fold-up wing note! Too cool for school!

  2. Thanks Kira, one of my goals this year is to send out more mail art so I've been playing with paper a lot more.

  3. The crow card you made is so clever.