Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ride to TN spreads and update

I'm back in Maryland after spending a crazy week in Tennessee. I wish I had been able to update the blog more while I was away but I didn't have reliable internet access and mom had a heart attack scare. (She's fine, it was an anxiety attack.)

So anywho, I plan to make a vlog within the next few days with my revelations on travel journaling and a flip through of the journal so far. Today I'm just trying to settle back in and I'm playing with my different supplies that I've been away from.

Here are some pages from the ride down:

Half an hour into the ride from MD to TN our train always switches its electrical engine out for a diesel one and it is about a 20 minute wait till we get on the move again, so I spent the time doing a word search and then journaled on top of it.

This is a nod back to my very first art journal on my first trip to Tennessee- I had created a grid with a block for each hour spent on the train. Sometime within each hour I would look out the window and doodle what I saw. I had never traveled to TN in mid autumn so I discovered there isn't much light to see by, hence the numerous black blocks. It also seems I never finish the last block since I'm so excited to see Dave and Mom.

The spreads from the ride down are fuller than the ride back up because I'm anxious and awake with excitement. The ride back is usually a bummer so I sleep more. This was a spot I had included in my hourly doodle on my first trip- the skyline has this distinct tower with a sort of halo on it so I did a quick doodle.


  1. That last spread with a lot of writing is so visually good! The little city painting is just perfect.

  2. Lol thanks! I like how the doodle came out but to me it's so different from what I normally do- it looks naked.