Saturday, October 9, 2010

New vlog and new journal pics!

Yes, that's right, another vlog! This time I'm discussing travel journaling and some awesome art journaling/craft books.

(Thanks again Kira for telling me how to embed these things!)

What's this, a vlog and photos? Madness!

This is one of the goodies I picked up at the Renn Fair- a handmade journal from India with handmade paper pages!


I love these colors so much! Whoever bound the journal was clever enough to keep the binding thread long and after knotting it, left the extra length to be used to wrap the book closed. Love it!

Whenever I get a new journal I dedicate a few pages to testing out different media and how I can make them work better on the paper. I had a lot of bleed through on the naked paper, but once I added gesso all my problems were solved!

Hooray! Let's see if I can keep posting at least twice a week!

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