Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ephemera spread

For some reason blogger didn't like uploading more than one picture at a time the other day but at least I figured out why I couldn't post. These pages are from my winter journal,which seems so long ago already:

I used a lot of ephemera for this spread- the name tag is from my university's annual Multicultural Conference where I was able to talk to the famous sociologist and author Patricia Hill Collins! The envelope and stamp are from ihanna's postcard swap (sorry I didn't post the front, it has my address on it and I have neglected to blur it out for the time being. I love flaps/hidden words so I added my Dunkin' Donuts gift card envelope one of the kids at work gave to me.

For the spread I used a variety of different pens: the white and fuchsia are Sharpie paint pens and the gold is a metallic (Galaxy?) marker. The thicker black letters are from my go to Sakura black glaze pen. The fine letters are from my black Sakura gelly roller medium point.