Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Embracing Mistakes and Learning From Them

We all make ugly journal pages, it happens.

I started this page while watching Samantha Kira's vlog at I was playing with my watercolor crayons and using my hands to spread the paint. I enjoyed the process but I decided I hated the shape. It reminds me of a bubblegum tumor. This lovely mental picture has been brought to you by Aly. I also hated how all the different inks I used for the fonts I think it looks disjointed. So I decided to see what I could salvage from this icky page: I liked the colors, techniques and the layout so I tried again...

And made this:
= a much nicer page with a happier journaler behind it. The calendar is actually an acrylic stamp from Michael's and I LOVE IT. Moral of the story: try to find something you like about your failed attempts and try again. I didn't rip out my ugly page or work over it, it serves it's own purpose- it's just not to be pretty =)


  1. Both pages are lovely, I think! But truth be told, I prefer the first :) I'm loving the white ink on the blue.

  2. Thanks! My sakura gel pens have been letting me down latel, the souffle and glaze work fine but the regular gel ones just won't work with me anymore.