Thursday, April 1, 2010

My "Studio"

All the cool kids are doing it so I figured I'd show you what my work space looks like. I normally work on the dining room table in a state of chaos but I'm trying to move back up into my bed room. It's a lot more personal and my sister can't yell at me for the mess. This is the cleanest it's been in months.
The "studio" side of my room in it's messy-cleanish glory. You can see the floor, thus it is clean.

The Crow protects my button collection

The crochet zombie and cross stitch are from one of the Zombie swaps on craftster and the house is from the Tiny House swap and actually lights up.

My Edgar Allen Poe action figure collection

I have a BIG thing for sacred hearts.

Paper, sewing stuff, books and magazines. The tree piece is actually a wood burning from the Book Lovers swap, my sister and I collaborated on the tree painting on the right.

This is my craft desk as of right now, I just finished up my stuff for the Mexican Kitsch Swap on craftster.

These are my "go to" books, they're right above the desk since I reference them the most. I also have my first 4 art journals, each numbered and labeled with the season and year. The butterfly is a vintage handmade patch from when my dad was a hippie.

My book shelf that illustrates my obsession, I've run out of room and have to stack books horizontally on top of vertical ones lol. On top I have the deer representing Lily from a Harry Potter swap, my crow, little Gandhi, and an incomplete canvas my sister made with a sequined gas mask

One day when I'm brave enough I'll show you my "natural habitat" in the dining room- you'll feel so much better about your housekeeping abilities once you see it.


  1. I am thrilled to have found your blog!!! I am an obsessive art journaler and have been so inspired by your video on youtube to not hide the ugly stuff!! Cant wait to browse more on your blog!! Oh and my house is also full of bookshelves with stacked books on top! Do not be ashamed :)

  2. I am so happy the video was useful to you! I cannot believe there was a time I didn't keep an art journal, it's ruined me for all other crafts =D It's not the books I'm ashamed of, it the state of disorder my house is in! =)

  3. I love a creative mess : ) It's cool to see other peoples workspace!

  4. Thanks for sharing your studio....I love your space...I agree...seeing the floor for me as well means clean!

  5. Thanks girls! I am the messy person in the house- my sister once compared me to the guy from "A Beautiful Mind" because he writes on the windows and walls and stuff. There's a method to my madness- I just can't work in a clean space. It makes me feel like I need to behave and not get messy.