Saturday, January 23, 2010

Swap and a break up spread

I am starting signups on craftster today for a 1000 journals type of swap. In this swap we are sending individual pages to our partners in order to avoid flakers keeping entire books of hard work, should there be any. Check us out on the swap sign ups board!

Sending love out to the Sakura company, did you know you can buy their pens according to color?! I complained just the other night how quickly I go through the black glaze and white souffle pens and said how they should sell colors individually- well they do! You can buy them in sets of two, which is pretty amazing (to me).* I found this lovely information here:*

Here's another page that was featured in my first video about journaling the unhappy things. This is about my breakup with my ex fiance: the background is made up of bits of journaling I did on scraps of paper leading up to the breakup then covered in blue acrylic. The "singles ad" is from a quilting magazine and I think it summed me up perfectly. An old photo of the two of us has been distressed with sand paper and stapled onto the page.

I have a boat load of spreads to photograph and if it's dry out tomorrow I will get it done =)

*They don't pay me. But perhaps they should =) I love them.

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