Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Green Memories

I am still experimenting with backgrounds, this was just a layer of dye based markers with stencils for the frond designs, then covered with green acrylic and metallic gold applied with plastic wrap. I love how the scalloped paper turned out, I used a wet rage to pick up a tiny bit of paint and dragged it over the paper to make the texture pop. Masking tape, stamps, pretty trash and Sakura souffle pens to finish it off.

Under the different tabs of the old Burt's Bees box I wrote a few messages, but they're a secret =)

This page was inspired by the little boy who would have become my stepson, but who I still consider to be my own. He asked about me recently, being nearly 3 and having limited time with me, I was deeply touched and heart broken when he asked where I was. The seed packet is actually a pocket with photos of Sage and his sister, Ceilidh tucked safely inside.

The "secret" messages under the box tabs are addressed to these children who I love as if I had gave birth to them myself. They're my world. I miss you guys.

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