Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Travel journal revelations and a new swap

I decided my vlog was more of a rambling 10 minutes that could be better summed up in a post. More vlogs to come soon!

By flipping through my travel journal, I have realized how different my style is when I'm on the road. This trip I packed every medium imaginable. I always work with acrylics at home, so I bought a travel set and I never opened them. Most of my pages were watercolor washes with some light collage from found papers or a bits I had packed.

This cool irregularly shaped postcard came from the mounds we visited.

I am getting photos printed tomorrow, which will help fill in the gaps.

Next time I am sticking with a very minimum amount of supplies: good pens, adhesive, some collage fodder, sketch pencils, travel watercolors and water pen. I could have saved myself tons of shoulder pain!

I joined a month long journal swap on craftster; you create and write in the journal for 30 days and then give it to your partner. It's a kind of "make-a-new-friend"/"see what it's like to be me" swap. I got paired with a really cool high school student who reminds me a lot of myself at 18. (God help her.)

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