Monday, September 27, 2010

Resolutions and Swap Pics

It's late September and I'm already making New Year's resolutions:

  • Take photos of swap items before sending out
  • Post twice a week on here

    So I was in craftster's "Head Start Journal Swap" and we made journals for our partners then prepped half of the pages for them. I used kettle and running stitches for the binding with canvas strips. The exposed spine allows the book to lay flat while you work in it. There are around 50 pages, the majority of which are Canson mixed media weight paper, other pages include watercolor paper and various scrapbook papers. The covers were cut from an old game board, then covered with 70% recycled scrapbook paper.

    Here is the back cover (upside down though)- maybe it's just me but I love mismatched covers that color coordinate.
    My partner's themes were "what inspires you," found poetry, and "random thoughts." Very open to interpretation to say the least, but it wasn't the situation where you put off crafting for weeks because you're stuck. Kartiana was awesome to craft for! This was one of my favorite pages and it was also my first time playing with alcohol inks.


    1. That is a GORGEOUS book! I love how you bound it. Really looks great!

    2. Thanks, I love making these!