Saturday, July 3, 2010

Calendar Page

You know how you can make a background and like it so much you don't want to do anything to it? That happened here. I managed to get these two elements on but didn't want to cover up the colors anymore than I had to. I found the huge calendar stamp at Michael's but couldn't afford to buy the huge acrylic block too, so I just used the back of one of my watercolor cases. Starving artists need to make do! I really like having calendar pages because you can reflect on a month at a glance and then go into detail about the days on their own pages.

What I've been up to the past week:

1. Went to the midnight premier of Eclipse. You may call me crazy, but I tell you no, the people who were there for the 3:30am showing are the truly crazy. Over 3000 came to our theatre for the midnight showing, then an extra couple thousand came so they had to do a later showing. Wow.

2. Signed up for a gym membership. My abs = ow.

3. Thought about cleaning for two seconds and decided to craft instead.

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